Osteopathy and Reducing Stress

Here's how to calm your stress for Winter

It’s now approaching midway through the year. It’s cold, there’s less sunlight in the day, your well meaning exercise routine you had during the summer months may be on thin ice and the kids have a busy activity schedule that leaves little time.

Man, I need a holiday just thinking about it. But with no holidays on the horizon, what can we do to help our body get through these stressful times?

Osteopathy and Treating Sinusitis

osteopathy and sinuses

Your sinuses have a natural pump which helps to clear them of the gunk that builds up on a daily basis. When they are functioning well, there’s no worry. However, when they become inflamed and the structures surrounding them become tense, they don’t work as well and we are left with that extra mucous in our systems.

Osteopath Explains: Beat the Winter Blues

Woman rugged up for winter

It’s that time of year again – the mornings are crisper, the skies are greyer, the leaves are turning golden, and the kids are bringing home all sorts of germs from school. Drag out your blankets, dig out the hot water bottle, have the tissues on standby for ‘tis the season for colds and flu. Here’s 6 tips to make you feel better…

What is Osteopathy Awareness Week

Osteopathy Awareness Week

By making the public more aware of who we are, osteopaths can have a bigger, louder voice when asking for government and private health insurance assistance. And this ultimately benefits you as a patient.

How to Choose the Best Pillow

Woman with Pillow

As an osteopath, I have personally tested many pillows in search of ‘the one’. I have tried the normal every day ‘cheap’ microfiber filled pillows, latex pillows, memory foam pillows, memory foam pillows with special cooling gel, pillows you can adjust the height of, shaped pillows, buckwheat pillows… the list goes on.

How to Choose the Best Mattress

Woman Sleeping on Mattress

So what should you be looking for? Basically, the spring type is important. The current pocket springs systems allow for your shoulders and hips to sink into the mattress while supporting your torso and waist. This is an important advance in mattress technology that is missing from older spring systems.

Improve Your Posture With a Towel

As an Osteopath, I believe in whole body health. This encompasses the physical body, the mind and general systemic health. All of these components are vital to your well being and any imbalance can upset the balance in your life.

Why Choose Osteopathy

[embedyt]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_-a-RKnS1k&feature=youtu.be[/embedyt]   Why Choose Osteopathy? You’re may have been trying to find a practitioner for an injury that you’ve acquired. Why would you choose osteopathy over the other modalities? Well, osteopathy is a whole body treatment. This means the osteopaths will look at the body as a whole unit. So we’ll treat you as a whole! That means that we … Read More

Should I Put Ice or Heat on an Injury?


A common question that causes much confusion is ‘Should I put ice or heat on an injury’. I have covered this previously in the article Heat or Ice on an injury. To make the advice absolutely clear, I have recorded a video explaining when to use each. Below is a transcript of the video. Video Transcript: When an injury first occurs, … Read More

Inlign Osteopathy is Moving to South Yarra

Inlign Osteopathy Moving Van

Yes, we’re moving! From Monday 22 April 2013, Inlign Osteopathy will be located at the following address: 230 Toorak Road South Yarra Victoria 3141 The move is only 1.4km down Toorak Road. Here’s a map showing the previous clinic address (59 Ross Street Toorak) and the new address (230 Toorak Road South Yarra). Importantly, our phone number (03 9827 5315) … Read More

Osteopathy Growth Explodes – up 48% in 2 years

Reports just out show that osteopathy is once again the fastest growing health discipline in Australia. In statistics hot off the press, the popularity of osteopathy has once again risen in leaps and bounds. According to the Private Health Insurance Administration Council (PHIAC) – A government body, the number of people choosing to visit an osteopath has increased by 48% … Read More

Osteopath Explains: How Long Does It Take for a Bone to Heal?

Ever broken a bone? Or watched a sporting match where a player has had a fracture? Often the medical commentator will indicate that the player will be out for about six weeks through injury. How do they know this? As an osteopath Melbourne we see many patients with broken bones and sprains. The obvious question asked is ‘how long will … Read More

Lower Back Pain and Osteopathy

Lower back pain is a reality for people throughout the world. Although it is very common among all of us, lower back pain is not something that should be overlooked. We all use our backs every day. Back pain therefore can become debilitating. It starts to impact our movement, our enjoyment of life and therefore ultimately our happiness. Although everyone’s … Read More

Are X-rays Harmful?

X-rays are one of the most used apparatus in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities worldwide. X-rays are used to see what’s normally invisible – to see a bone fracture, a swallowed object, or  liquid in the lungs. This is extremely beneficial as it means that a doctor can investigate potential problems without having to conduct more invasive tests or … Read More

Acute and Chronic. What is the Difference?

The words acute and chronic are terms that are often used when diagnosing and describing diseases, symptoms and conditions of the body. Patients visiting an osteopath often use these terms either interchangeably or incorrectly. Simply put, the term ‘acute’ is used to describe a disease or condition that has presented for a relatively short period of time, usually under three … Read More