Osteopath Explains: Beat the Winter Blues

Woman rugged up for winter
Woman rugged up for winter

Beat the Winter Blues

It’s that time of year again – the mornings are crisper, the skies are greyer, the leaves are turning golden, and the kids are bringing home all sorts of germs from school. Drag out your blankets, dig out the hot water bottle, have the tissues on standby for ‘tis the season for colds and flu.

As with all things, prevention is the best medicine. Below are 6 tips to beating the winter blues:

Yes, I said it, even if it’s the last thing you feel like doing, exercise is a fantastic way to beat the winter blues. Exercise will keep you warm, boost your serotonin levels (the main hormone responsible for mood depression), get you outside in the sunshine – to get that all important vitamin D, with the added extra of keeping you social when you might otherwise be curled up on the couch by your lonesome.

While supplements such vitamin C and Echinacea help to boost your immune system, vitamin D and fatty acids such as those found in fish oils will help to reduce depression. If you have managed to get the flu or a bad cold, a good cup of lemon and ginger tea with a drop of honey always helps to brighten my day.

3.Winter break
Plan yourself a winter getaway. Don’t pressure yourself to go somewhere exotic if your finances aren’t up to it, but even just a weekend away to a local spa resort or a favourite camping spot can help you to let go of the tension and allow you to look forward to something on those gloomy winter days.

4.Winter activities
Take the opportunity to play a winter sport or get creative and take up an activity that can be done all year around like knitting or dancing. This will keep you both active and social.

For those in minority groups especially, the annual influenza vaccination can help protect you from the most virulous strains of flu going around currently. Find out more about vaccination.

6.Osteopathy Treatment
Ok, sure – I’m a little biased here. But it makes sense. You may be feeling down because your body isn’t physiologically at its best. An osteopath treatment from Inlign Osteopathy may help get you back on track, restoring your body and making you feel fresh.