Osteopathy and Treating Sinusitis

osteopathy and sinuses
osteopathy and sinuses

osteopathy can help treat your sinuses

With changes in weather comes colds and flu. With colds and flu come headaches, chest tightness and sinusitis. Apart from trying to beat the Winter blues and hitting up the traditional remedies of hot teas with lemon, honey and ginger, lots of rest and vitamin supplements – what else can we do to help ourselves?

Osteopathy can help. We can’t cure your cold or flu, but we can help your body to clear itself of your symptoms.

Take for example sinusitis. Looking at the anatomy of your sinuses, they sit in close proximity to the jaw, under your eyes and beside your nose.

Your sinuses have a natural pump which helps to clear them of the gunk that builds up on a daily basis. When they are functioning well, there’s no worry. However, when they become inflamed and the structures surrounding them become tense, they don’t work as well and we are left with that extra mucous in our systems.

Your body’s natural sinus pump works in tandem with your jaw and its chewing and talking motions. One big cause that I notice in practice, is that when the jaw becomes tight (which can be from clenching teeth when stressed or from cold/ flu anxieties) this natural pump is unable to function efficiently.

So what can your osteopath do? At Inlign Osteopathy, we can treat your jaw area to release off the tension from the surrounding areas. This will then promote the clearing of your sinuses.

What can you do? You can help mobilize your mucous by tapping your finder over your sinuses (e.g on your forehead) and massaging over your jaw. It’s amazing how much this can help you out. Next time you’ve got sinus pain, give it a try – I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.