Osteopathy Courses Information

Naturally, in order to become qualified, an osteopath must complete an osteopathy course. Osteopaths in Australia are classified as primary healthcare professionals. This makes them one of twelve medical professions that examine patients, make a diagnosis and treat, without the need for a referral from another practitioner like a general practitioner. Australia’s private health insurance industry also acknowledges an osteopaths … Read More

Heat or Ice on Injuries

Most people know that putting heat or ice on injuries can accelerate the healing process. However it can be confusing to remember which treatment should be used when. And it’s important that you know the difference because choosing the wrong treatment for your injury can actually increase your healing time. What’s the Reason Behind Applying Heat or Cold to an … Read More

Who is the Australian Osteopathic Association?

The Australian Osteopathic Association (AOA for short) is the professional group representing Australian osteopaths. The groups early origins began in 1955, but consolidated to a national identity in 1991. Although the group is a unified voice, each state does have its own representation. These state based groups assist the overall AOA voice to understand key state developments and areas of … Read More

Massage Gift Vouchers Available

Inlign Osteopathy Melbourne also offers massage gift vouchers. These can be used on any of our three specialty massages including: Relaxation massage Therapeutic massage Hot stone massage A massage voucher is a perfect pick me up for a friend of loved one. It also takes ‘saying thank you’ to a whole new level. And if you’re not sure which massage … Read More

Dry Needling Melbourne

Inlign Osteopathy has now been performing Dry Needling for the last few months. And the response has been great. Some patients have actively asked for dry needling treatments, others are bit more hesitant. And this hesitation is understandable when the technique isn’t widely understood. What is Dry Needling? Dry needling uses fine filament needles, such as those used in acupuncture. … Read More

Toorak Massage Treatments Now Available

Did you know that Inlign Osteopathy also offers massage?  Three specialty types of massage to be exact. Each massage is aimed to help you achieve relaxation and rejuvenation in a different way. Just pick the massage that best suits your needs. All massages are performed at the clinic by our dedicated massage therapist May Lynn. May is a qualified massage … Read More

Osteopathy and Private Health Insurance

Did you know that you can claim osteopathy treatments on your private health insurance? As osteopaths are primary healthcare providers with medical accreditations, Australia’s private health insurers recognise their treatments. This means that if you have private health insurance extras, your private health insurer will contribute towards the cost of your treatments up to an agreed amount. Australia has about 25 private health insurance funds. The amount that your health insurer contributes towards your osteopathic treatment will vary depending on your level of cover. In general, the higher the level of cover you have with your insurer, the more your health insurer will contribute towards the cost of your osteopathy treatments.

Osteopathy Treatments up 67% in 3 Years

(Since this article was posted, newer information has become available. View the latest osteopathy growth information) The news is in. Osteopathy is the fastest growing medical discipline in Australia. According to the Private Health Insurance Administration Council (PHIAC), osteopathy treatments have increased 67% in the last 3 years. To put this in perspective, the total growth in manual therapies (osteopathy, … Read More

Osteopathy Treatment Follow Ups: Don’t Skip

You’ve chosen to visit an osteopath to get better. So you need to give your body the chance it deserves to get better. It is extremely unlikely that the aches and pains of your body can be completely treated within one treatment. One osteopathy treatment isn’t simply a magic bullet with a 100% success rate. Even if you feel great … Read More

Inline Osteopathy is Inlign Osteopathy

Are you looking for Inline Osteopathy? Our name is actually spelt Inlign Osteopathy. Rest assured you’ve come to the right place. We’re the osteopathic clinic in Toorak Melbourne. Apologies if you had some confusion in finding us on the Internet. Just like the homonyms knight/night and bear/bare, our name Inlign Osteopathy is pronounced the same way as Inline Osteopathy. So it’s perfectly understandable. And that’s in fact the purpose of this page – to help people like you who inadvertently spell our name using similar letters.

The Top 10 Questions You Must Ask Your Health Professional

Your health is your most valuable asset. So, whether you choose to visit an osteopath, chiropractor or physiotherapist, entrusting your health to a professional is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, the health professional will literally be holding your health in their hands. Ensure you’re informed. Ask the following ten questions to any practitioner you are considering. If not, you may be missing out on a complete treatment. Your practitioner may only be focusing on one local area, when there’s actually a problem with an adjacent section that feels fine to you. Inlign Osteopathy treats your whole body, ensuring you have the best chance of getting relief faster and for longer. Or will the practitioner admit they see multiple people at the same time, leaving and entering the room every few minutes? Are you effectively paying a full treatment fee when the practitioner sees other patients at the same time? Inlign Osteopathy will always dedicate 100% of your treatment to YOU and YOU only.

Osteopathy Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure if osteopathy is right for you? Want to know if it’s all just hocus pocus? Below is a list of frequently asked questions about osteopathy.These will help give you a better understanding about osteopathy and whether it’s right for you. I Heard That Osteopaths Only Treat Bones. Is that Correct? No. Osteopaths are trained to give you one of … Read More