Below are a list of frequently asked questions and helpful articles about osteopathy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want answers to the most commonly asked questions? What’s involved in a treatment, will it hurt? Here’s the best place to start. Frequently Asked Questions About Osteopathy

Your First Osteopathy Treatment

Wondering what to expect on your first treatment? For more information read My First Osteopathy Treatment

The 10 Essential Questions You Must Ask Your Practitioner

Unsure what to look for in an osteopath, chiropractor or physiotherapist? You need to read the 10 Essential Questions for your health practitioner

Myths about Osteopathy

Isn’t osteopathy only about bones? Isn’t it some ‘quack’ type of massage? Make sure you are fully informed, read the common myths about osteopathy

Why Osteopathy is Australia’s Fastest Growing Medical Profession

That’s right, Australian’s are taking to osteopathy in record numbers. To understand why read Osteopathy is Australia’s Fastest Growing Medical Profession

Why pain relief through drugs isn’t smart

Pain relief drugs aim to mask your pain, not treat it. Take a moment to read.

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