Many patients ask about the popularity of osteopathy. Put simply, ‘Why isn’t osteopathy as well known as other health professionals such as chiropractors and physiotherapists?’ This is a good question, and often leads to a discussion about the many of the myths about osteopathy. There are many reasons why osteopathy isn’t as well known, the key reasons being that there aren’t as many osteopathic practitioners in Australia (as chiropractors and physiotherapists) and there are only three educational schools teaching osteopathy.


Record Growth For Osteopathy

Having said that, the future for osteopathy is overwhelmingly rosy. Osteopathy has enjoyed explosive growth in Australia, especially over the last few years. More and more Australian’s are turning to osteopathy to treat their conditions – and interviews and success stories are being reported more and more in the media. The Private Health Insurance Administrative Council (PHIAC) released
information showing that the number of osteopathic services claimed 2008 grew by almost 25% from 2007 levels. This is a phenominal growth rate considering that the health care industry average was 8%. Consider the following eye opening facts:

•    Osteopathy is the fastest growing allied health profession in Australia (allied health professionals exclude allopathic doctors and nurses)

•    In 2008, Australian’s spent$176 million on osteopathic treatments#. This spend has increased by over 250% in the last two years, with no signs of slowing. Australians are taking to osteopathy in record numbers

•    A recent report by IDA Economics forecasts that Australia’s demand for osteopathic treatments will triple the number of osteopaths within the next seven years!* If you haven’t heard of osteopathy yet, you soon will

•    In 2008, nearly 2 million osteopathic treatments were performed in Australia*

•    A recent Australian study showed that over 90% of patients felt that the osteopathic treatments they receive are either helpful or very helpful in treating their condition.(Xue, Zhang, Lin, Myers, Polus & Story. Acupuncture, chiropractic and osteopathy use in Australia 2008)

Osteopathy is Nearly a Household Name

Each month Australia sees the popularity of osteopathy strengthen. In fact a report by IDA economics supports this. In 2008, IDA economics conducted a detailed study of the healthcare industry and forecasted that the demand for osteopathic services will triple from their current levels within seven years.* The question is now not ‘How come everyone hasn’t heard of osteopathy’ but is ‘When will everyone have heard of osteopathy’. Looking at the growth rate osteopathy enjoys in Australia, this won’t be far away.

#PHIAC Industry statistics Mar 2009
* IDA Economics, Osteopathy in Australia 2008

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