All osteopaths at Inlign Osteopathy are bound by strict professional standards. These include:

Medically Qualified Treatment Technique

All osteopaths are professionally trained with university qualifications and medical accreditations. But above and beyond this, each osteopath excels in the practice of premium patient care and in the ability to ensure you’re getting the best out of your body.


Communication and trust is vital in any treatment relationship. Our osteopaths place a strong emphasis in explaining everything both before and during a treatment. Inlign Osteopathy strictly adheres to patient/doctor confidentiality. You can even call us between treatments if you have a question. Inlign Osteopathy will seek your approval before performing any strenuous stretching or manipulation.

Focusing on You

Inlign Osteopathy aims to ensure your body is the best it can be. We aim to earn your trust to build a long term treatment relationship with you. To earn this trust we will always be open and honest. We will never schedule unnecessary treatments and will always seek your approval in all activities. Inlign Osteopathy prides itself on the number of referrals from other satisfied patients.


All consultations will be kept in the strictest confidence, upholding doctor patient confidentiality.

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