You are in the hands of a qualified expert

In addition to being a doctor of osteopathy, principle practitioner Dr Raissa Anin also has a degree in Human Movement. “I am an expert in treating and caring for all your bones, muscles and body systems.” Raissa treats dozens of satisfied patients every week and is passionate about helping you get the best from your body.

You will have a complete body treatment

Raissa guarantees “I won’t just focus on one area of your body, I give you a complete treatment from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.” Raissa understands that although you may be feeling pains in one local area, this pain is often a symptom of a problem in another part of your body. Raissa ensures your pains is relieved as quickly as possible by rigorously assessing every part of your body.

You will understand why and how everything is done

Raissa takes the time to explain everything clearly. Raissa clarifies “In addition to giving you the best treatment, I take the time to explain everything in plain English. You won’t just leave the clinic with a complete treatment, you’ll understand how your body works – and how to ensure it keeps working at its best.”

You are seeing a practitioner that people already trust

Raissa proudly states that “Over 70% of my new patients are referred by other satisfied patients.” This is testament to the quality of healthcare Inlign Osteopathy provides and provides an indication of a great future of the clinic.

You have peace of mind knowing Inlign Osteopathy is a member of osteopathy’s premier association

In addition to being an active member of the Australian Osteopathic Association, Raissa is also a council member (2009-current). Raissa adds “I submit proposals to spread the word of osteopathy and improve osteopathy for the long term. I get a real buzz when they are acted upon. I also attend regular medical seminars and extra training, to ensure all my current and future patients receive the best care possible.”

For a comprehensive osteopathic treatment, contact Inlign Osteopathy today.

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