If you are looking for a trusted South Yarra osteopath, Inlign Osteopathy is just around the corner. Our clinic is in the heart of South Yarra, right on Toorak Road.

Easily accessible from Toorak Station and from Tram route 9 – we’re just across the road from the Como.

Our South Yarra Osteopathy Heritage

A large proportion of our patients live in South Yarra. That’s because our clinic was originally founded on High Street in Armadale. We opened our doors in 2007, by renting out the back room of a large retail store named Wind and Water (now defunct).

While only opening a few days a week (as the principal osteopath Raissa was also working in Bendigo), we soon developed a strong patient base through word of mouth.

Over time Inlign Osteopathy opened for more days, until we finally outgrew our High street Armadale premises. It was a sad farewell as we relocated to Toorak Village, before more recently moving to Toorak road South Yarra.

South Yarra residents are a diverse mix of older residents and families, so their osteopathic needs are varied. In general older patients see Inlign osteopathy more for chronic back pain and neck pain, while younger families seek treatment for headaches and shoulder pain.

Choosing the right osteopath in South Yarra

Choosing the right health professional is important to ensure you get the best health outcome. If you’re comfortable with your practitioner, you will more likely relax, respond to treatments and embrace any post treatment advice.

Download: How to choose the best practitioner

Call Inlign Osteopathy on (03) 9827 5315 for more information or to book an appointment.

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