Osteopathy Free Booklet

Your Free Booklet

Yes that’s correct. Every Inlign Osteopathy patient receives a free copy of the full colour health supplement ‘Your body. 30 essential facts you need to know.’ This exclusive booklet details 30 essential facts from all areas of your body – from your head and your neck, to your hands and feet. Essential reading if you want to understand how every part of your body is inter-related. This is yet another reason to trust Inlign Osteopathy with your health.

For instance, do you know when you should apply a heat pack or coldpack to your body?* If you’re unsure you may be delaying your recovery time – or even making an injury worse!

How do I Get My Free Copy?

All Inlign Osteopathy patients will be mailed a free copy of their booklet after their first treatment.

* Answer: Ice or cold packs are used to constrict the blood vessels and stop inflammation pooling at an injury site. Ice is best used after an injury or on joints that are inflamed. Heat is used to dilate blood vessels, promoting blood flow to an area. Heat is
best used on tight muscles or for spasms. This brings the blood back to help your muscles restore their function quicker.

For an appointment and to secure your free copy, contact Inlign Osteopathy today.

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