Back pain osteopathic treatments

Upper back conditions can have an associated feeling of pins and needles in the arms, numbness in the arms or pain in your arms or fingers. Upper back problems may also contribute to head aches; migraines; chest pains; reflux and/or shortness of breath.

Back pain osteopath treatments aim to solve the root cause of back pain.

Important: Upper backpain may also be an indicator of more serious complications – such as heart disease. Other heart disease related symptoms include blackouts, dizziness and jaw pain. Contact your GP immediately if you are experiencing any of these pains persistently.

Causes of back pain

Upper back pain is most commonly caused by frequent poor posture and is often associated with pelvic imbalance. As part of our back pain osteopath goals, we will correct the posture problems you may have that are causing the pain in your body.

Osteopathic treatment

Back pain osteopath treatment will look at your thoracic spine (the portion of your spine from the bottom of your neck to the bottom of your ribs), rib alignment and lower back alignment. Osteopaths may also prescribe tailored exercises and stretches to prevent further pain.

Note: This is general information only and does not take into consideration medical history or other external factors.

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