Pregnancy pains and conditions

Pregnancy related illnesses can be characterised by lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain and Sciatic nerve pain. Visiting an osteopath during pregnancy can help make your experience more comfortable and helps prepare you for the birthing process.

Causes of pregnancy pain

Pregnancy is the greatest change the body will naturally experience. Pregnancy sees the body experience hormonal changes that impact on the laxity (looseness) of ligaments. As a pregnancy develops and the baby grows, the abdomen will swell causing a change in the centre of the body’s gravity. This will place an increased strain on the lower back. The pelvis will also widen causing the hips to turn and force the body into a new unnatural walking pattern – placing stress on the knees.

Osteopathic treatment

Treating pregnancy related illnesses involve balancing out the pelvis, lower back and hips to ease discomfort and make the body work as efficiently as it can. Treatment will include soft tissue massage, manipulation of the back and pelvis and gentle stretching. Exercises may be prescribed to enhance comfort throughout the term of the pregnancy.

If you would like to start a pregnancy osteopath program, or just make an initial visit, then contact us today. We enjoy helping women enjoy their pregnancy experience more and welcome you to our South Yarra osteopath clinic with open arms.

Note: This is general information only and does not take into consideration medical history or other external factors.

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