About back disc injuries

Spinal disc injuries are characterised by upper or lower back pain of varying severity. This may be in the form of sharp shooting pain or a slow burning pain radiating into your arms, buttocks or legs. Some patients even experience the dull pain often with associated pins & needles or limb numbness.

Causes of disc injuries

Disc injuries are most often caused by lifting heavy weights incorrectly. They can also be caused by degeneration of discs; spinal stability disorders such as osteoporosis, cancers, some arthritis. Injuries can also be exacerbated by the wear and tear of normal life.

Osteopathic treatment

Osteopaths will make an assessment of your pelvis and spine area to determine the best method or relieving the muscle spasms. In the case of severe disc injuries, the benefits of osteopathic treatment may be minimal and you may need to consult your GP for further pain relief. Osteopaths will be able to advise you on your personal needs.

Note: This is general information only and does not take into consideration medical history or other external factors.

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