Osteopathy Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure if osteopathy is right for you? Want to know if it’s all just hocus pocus? Below is a list of frequently asked questions about osteopathy.These will help give you a better understanding about osteopathy and whether it’s right for you.

Osteopathy Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions About Osteopathy

I Heard That Osteopaths Only Treat Bones. Is that Correct?

No. Osteopaths are trained to give you one of the most complete manual treatments available. Osteopaths focus on treating your whole body – not just select sections. This thorough treatment includes your muscles, joints and body systems. From the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

How Qualified Are Osteopaths?

Osteopaths are university qualified practitioners. This takes five years of study, including two concurrent years of supervised practice. Osteopaths are thoroughly trained in physiology, biology, pathology and anatomy.

Do I Need a Referral to See an Osteopath?

No. Osteopaths are one of a select few practitioners that are deemed to be primary health care providers. This means you do not need a doctor’s referral to see one.

Will Osteopathy Interfere With Other Medical Treatments?

It is important to let Inlign Osteopathy know of any medication you are taking and/or any other medical advice you are receiving.

Osteopathic treatments must be tailored to work in conjunction with the treatments from your other health professionals. As osteopathy aims to align and increase the efficiency of your body, it generally does not interfere with other treatments, but in fact enhances them.

Usually my Pains go Away if I Wait Long Enough. Why?

The human body is amazing. If you injure it, it will try and reduce the pain as best it can by adjusting itself. Unfortunately this often results in only masking the injury, deferring the physical tensions to other parts of your body. Inlign Osteopathy specialises in treating prolonged pain and injuries. We ensure your bones, muscles and body systems are in optimal health.

What Happens During a Treatment?

Inlign Osteopathy pledges to give you a complete treatment.

After an extensive patient history, Inlign Osteopathy examines the area of pain, as well as the surrounding and supporting regions to find the primary cause. In some cases this may include visceral (organ) examination or referral for an external examination such as x-ray or MRI, although this is usually not necessary. After a thorough diagnosis and discussion, Inlign Osteopathy will begin treating the direct source of your pains, all the while explaining how the techniques used are of benefit.

Read all about what happens during your first osteopathy treatment.

Will Osteopathy Hurt?

An osteopathic treatment aims to align your inflamed joints and release surrounding muscle spasm. There may be a degree of therapeutic pain (the kind of pain that you know is good for you) during this process. Acute conditions may require a more strenuous treatment program, which may cause slightly more discomfort. This short term pain is insignificant when compared to the long term benefits it brings. Any discomfort should relieve itself within 48 hours of your treatment. Please contact Inlign Osteopathy if you have any post-treatment concerns.

Is Osteopathy Safe?

Inlign Osteopathy has a gentle approach to manipulation – precisely measuring a joint’s release point and applying only the minimum external force necessary. Patients may experience mild discomfort from joint manipulation, including: headache, light-headedness or nausea. These should pass quickly. More serious complications are extremely rare. Any concerns can be discussed during your treatment.


How Long Until I Can Expect Results?

As everyone’s body is different, results from osteopathic treatment can vary. Factors affecting the treatment response include the condition’s severity, the region affected, chronicity of the condition (how long since onset) and a person’s underlying medical history. Inlign Osteopathy will discusses a treatment management plans with you and give you an estimate of the number of treatments needed.

Am I Required to Attend Regular Sessions?

After initial consultation, Inlign Osteopathy will discuss a management plan with you to estimate how many treatments you will need. Sometimes it may be as few as 2-4 followed by a 6 monthly check-up. Serious or chronic conditions may require more frequent visits. Inlign Osteopathy believes in a strong patient/practitioner relationship.We will not schedule unnecessary treatments.

Why See Inlign Osteopathy Instead of a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist?

This is a very common question. In making a decision to trust your health to a health practitioner, you need to be 100% comfortable. Inlign Osteopathy recommends that you take a moment to read the ten essential questions you must ask your health professional.

Osteopathy aims to give you a complete treatment – for all your bones, muscles and body systems. Inlign Osteopathy makes the further pledge of ensuring your 100% informed and comfortable with everything about your health.

What are Your Facilities Like?

Inlign Osteopathy is a modern clinic, featuring a warm atmosphere, modern rooms and bathrooms and the latest treatment tables. You can view pictures of Inlign Osteopathy’s facilities.


How to I Schedule an Appointment?

For any further questions, or to book an appointment, contact Inlign Osteopathy.