Picture of a woman's Legs

Osteopathy can Treat Sore Legs and Feet

Your pelvis is your body’s anchor – a pivot region that joins your spine with your legs. Now that’s one important joint. Your Legs are quite simply remarkable. Keeping us mobile and relatively stable while we’re constantly off balance is a feat in itself. Sadly, we often neglect our legs, as their quite easily covered up or given a rest on a nearby chair. Get the most out of your legs and feet and read the following:

Common Conditions

Leg and Foot Pain

You depend on your legs and feet to stay stable and mobile. Any injury can make movement painful, which is no fun for anybody. Read more about the treatments for leg and foot pain.

Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sometimes referred to as sciatica, a sciatic nerve is found in both your legs. An injury to this nerve is characterised by shooting sharp pain through your legs. Read more about treatments for sciatic nerve pain (sciatica).

Sports Injuries

Stretch too hard or too far during exercise or sport? To prevent further injury, it’s best to know about the treatments for sports injuries.


Your tendons connect your muscles to your bones. Repetitive movements can cause injuries to your tendons. Read all about treatments for tendonitis.