Osteopathy and Private Health Insurance

Did you know that you can claim osteopathy treatments on your private health insurance? As osteopaths are primary healthcare providers with medical accreditations, Australia’s private health insurers recognise their treatments. This means that if you have private health insurance extras, your private health insurer will contribute towards the cost of your treatments up to an agreed amount.

Osteopathy Health Insurance

Osteopathy Benefits are Available Through Health Insurance

Australia has about 25 private health insurance funds. The amount that your health insurer contributes towards your osteopathic treatment will vary depending on your level of cover. In general, the higher the level of cover you have with your insurer, the more your health insurer will contribute towards the cost of your osteopathy treatments.

Which is the Best Health Insurance Fund For Osteopathy?

This is a very common question that we are asked often. We are hesitant to answer this question as your health insurance needs are individual. And these needs will extend beyond osteopathy. For instance, you may require high optical benefits or even generous dental allowances. You should never make a health insurance decision by looking at only one aspect of your needs. Instead, note all the services that you use or would like cover for, and make your assessment based on your total position.

If you are a frequent user of osteopathic services, look for a health fund that offers generous benefits per treatment (as a guide, $20 per treatment should be the minimum). Also consider the yearly allowance available and whether this allowance is shared with other services you use. Don’t be afraid to ask your health insurer to recommend a cover based on your needs. It’s in their interests to ensure you’re happy with your level of cover.

How do I Claim on Osteopathy Treatments?

At Inlign Osteopathy, your osteopathy benefits can be applied at the clinic using the HICAPs network. This means that you simply swipe your health insurance membership card on our HICAPs terminal, and your benefit is automatically applied, reducing the amount you need to pay instantly. This is seemless. You don’t have to wait. You don’t have to make a special trip to your local health insurance branch. For osteopathy clinics without a HICAPs terminal, you will need to pay the full cost of the osteopathic treatment, then contact your health fund to recover the benefit payable.