Who is the Australian Osteopathic Association?

The Australian Osteopathic Association (AOA for short) is the professional group representing Australian osteopaths. The groups early origins began in 1955, but consolidated to a national identity in 1991. Although the group is a unified voice, each state does have its own representation. These state based groups assist the overall AOA voice to understand key state developments and areas of interest.

logo of the australian osteopathic association

Osteopathy’s Premier Body is the Australian Osteopathic Association

What is the Purpose of the AOA?

The Australian Osteopathic Association represents over 1,500 Australian osteopaths by providing a united voice in promoting the benefits of osteopathy and ensuring all its members receive the best education possible. The AOA also proactively provides its members with access to the latest and best in patient care information.

To do this the AOA liaises with all tiers of government, the education industry and medical regulators. In addition the AOA works closely with the national Osteopathic registration board at the Australian Health Practitioner  Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and with the Australian and New Zealand Osteopathic Council (ANZOC).

The AOA is constantly on the hop to ensure the success of osteopathy grows, and that its members are performing at the best level they can.

Can I use the AOA?

You can use the Australian Osteopathic Association’s website to view the contact details of osteopaths in your local area as well as information about osteopathy. However you cannot book a treatment through the AOA, nor have the AOA advise you on which specific practitioner to contact. The AOA proudly recommends the virtues of osteopathy and supports all its members.

Should I Choose an Osteopath Who’s a Member of the AOA?

This is one of the key questions on questions you need to ask your manual practitioner. It is by no means essential for you to choose an osteopath that is an AOA member. However if you do select an osteopath that is a member of the AOA, you’re provided with a further layer of trust that that practitioner has been accepted into the premier osteopathic association and is part of a wide ongoing education network.

Inlign Osteopathy is a proud member of the Australian Osteopathic Association. In addition, Dr Raissa Anin (osteopath) is a council member (2009-current).